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The Struggle is Real 

Law schools might teach lawyers how to practice the law, but they certainly don’t address how to build their business in an increasingly competitive market. Associates, no matter how green, are expected to put in long hours to meet billable targets. Grinding out enough work to reach this goal is not easy – especially if they’re not a natural rainmaker or don’t have enough work filtering down to keep them busy.


Turn Millennial Lawyers into Marketing Ninjas

Since 2003, Cubicle Fugitive has been working with lawyers to help them build their personal brands as well as cultivate business from colleagues and contacts, internal lawyers, referrals, warm leads, and cold calls. We’ve packaged this knowledge into a process that works to not only help lawyers identify new opportunities, but put results-based plans in place to build their practices for years to come.

Our Associate Marketing Plan Program is a hands-on business development package built with overall firm growth and young lawyers in mind.

The standard program includes:

  • Interviews with firm Executives, Practice Group Leads, and Mentors to identify the overall goals of the firm and project as well as understand the firm’s vision, value proposition, and strategic marketing plans to ensure individual plans are delivering upon the firm’s promise
  • Presentation of the changing legal market and trends in marketing as well as data and strategic insight and competitive intelligence into the firm’s target markets
  • Our team of strategists and coaches will work one-on-one with Associates to help uncover their strengths, targets, and opportunities to build a tactical plan for growth of their practice, and to develop the necessary tools to put their results-based plan into action

Optional enhancements include:

  • Reviews, evaluations, and audits of current firm and Associate marketing plans
  • Team or one-on-one coaching for client service including: how to network and cultivate rapport with clients, what excellent service looks like, and tips and tools for standing out in your everyday practice
  • Training and resources for specific business development techniques such as writing blogs and white papers for clients, building a voice on social media, and developing new business from speaking and networking opportunities
  • Workshops on identifying new opportunities for business development, dealing with succession planning issues, optimizing client service offerings, and rethinking your business model

Every firm and practice is different, so we are happy to customize our offering to meet your unique needs. Talk to us about your challenges today. 

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