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Our People

J.T. Kent

Point Guard

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J.T. Kent, Senior Web Developer for Cubicle Fugitive, has spent almost 20 years developing web and database solutions. He understands the importance of the overall client experience, and produces solutions that are easy to maintain, update and enhance. For the better part of his career he has been thinking of creative web solutions to suit business needs. Whether a project is big or small, J.T. puts forth the same high quality work that both the project and the client deserve. J.T. prides himself on being able to adapt quickly to the ever changing technologies and is able to distinguish the substance from the flash.

J.T. is a problem solver and lifelong learner. Some would say a problem learner. He is both saddened by the lack of quality websites found on the interweb today and passionate about replacing them with something functional and forward-thinking.

The University of Toronto is where J.T. got his Honours degree in Economics & Finance. After 4 years and thousands of dollars of university education, he went back to school for a diploma in computer programming at Centennial College where he found his love for the web.

Prior to joining Cubicle Fugitive, J.T. spent a large part of his adult career producing web-based reporting solutions for one of Canada’s largest banks. The natural upward progression from “you’re richer than you think” to “we make you money” seemed too luring to pass up.

When not working J.T. spends time with his family, and with 5 children under 10, has little time for much else. However he has been known on occasion to knock down the occasional 3 pointer on the basketball court, and on more than a few others, he’s knocked downed Kalvin.

In case you are curious it stands for John Timothy.

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