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Our Process

Cubicle Fugitive uses a strategic approach to design and develop your marketing collateral which ensures that every piece is built with your business goals in mind. Our process is comprised of four phases that we affectionately refer to as the 4D process:


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The Discovery phase sets the initial ground work for all future design and development decisions. The information gathered here helps identify business requirements that will be used to build a strategic plan for marketing your company to all its relevant target markets.


Using the strategic insights gathered during the Discovery phase, we develop key messaging and design elements that will inform the underlying business strategies for your company and highlight its points of difference.

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Once the planning and strategy are in place we will begin writing, designing and developing the necessary collateral -- from logos and stationery to brochures and websites -- to properly position your company’s brand identity.


The Delivery phase is used to gain awareness for your company and brand. This can be through PR, inbound marketing, search engine optimization (seo), advertising, search engine marketing or other identified avenues of brand building.

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