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Kalvin MacLeod


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Kalvin MacLeod has spent more than 15 years helping clients of all sizes and varying industries as they navigate the complexities of online marketing. Prior to co-founding Cubicle Fugitive, Kalvin worked within several downtown Toronto law firms guiding them in technology best practices. He understands the challenges inherent in professional services marketing and is capable of producing solutions that are both innovative and cost effective, all while ensuring that the best technical choices are made to allow for scalable results.

Kalvin doesn’t just get the internet, he is the internet. Due to a variety of sports related injuries, 96% of Kalvin’s joints have been rebuilt using cat5 network cables and discarded hard drives. He eats, sleeps and oftentimes drools website development and has been doing so since the beginning of the Internet Age. He started his first company, Onyx Consol, a tech company specializing in law firm network support in 2000.

He has wasted spent much of his adult life designing and developing websites that are client-centric (meaning easy to find, easy to use and easy on the eyes). Before and sometimes during his web career, he was a Director of Technology for several downtown Toronto law firms, helping establish internal and public-facing networks. He has also spent several years solving problems for one of the biggest media companies in Canada and one of the country’s largest banks.

Kalvin has an Honours degree from McMaster University in Computer Science with a minor in English and did not enjoy one minute of that experience.

When not working he is playing.

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