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Key Takeaways from the 2024 Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference – Part Ten

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Moving on to the final day of the 2024 Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Annual Conference, this post focuses on the takeaways from one of the last couple of sessions our strategists attended.

Propelling Clients’ Businesses Forward: Sharing Innovative Concepts from In-House Counsel

Moderated by Cubicle Fugitive Co-Founder Morgan MacLeod, this conference session assembled a panel of esteemed In-House Counsel comprising:

Addressing a room of 1200 attendees, these panelists shared their insights on the critical role of legal departments in driving innovation and explored tactics for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of legal processes. Morgan’s thought-provoking questions prompted the panelists to share their innovative ideas, leading to engaging discussions throughout the session. 

As highlighted in the article “Getting Beyond The ‘Table Stakes’: What GCs Really Want In Lawyer Relationships” by Above the Law, the primary takeaways from this session include:

Smaller Firms May Provide Unique Value to Clients

For marketers representing small or medium-sized firms, emphasizing the firm’s ability to develop strong client relationships throughout its branding is crucial. They also shouldn’t overlook the opportunity to engage with larger companies; Judy Shu highlighted how open Google is to working with midsize and solo practitioners, as they offer unique advantages, including direct interactions, competitive rates, and clarity in pricing and deliverables. Judy frequently delegates deal negotiation work to smaller firms, appreciating their ease of collaboration and ability to build trust.

In-House Counsel isn’t Primarily Concerned with Seniority

Panelists revealed that in-house counsel often look to junior lawyers when establishing a relationship with a firm. As Justin Witzmann noted, junior lawyers are typically more willing and eager to dive into the client’s business operations. Terezka Zabka shared similar sentiments, stressing the importance of connecting junior professionals across the organization to avoid bottlenecks and build more productive relationships. Increased engagement with more junior professionals can also be an effective way to maintain visibility with In-House Counsel, building up these relationships through firm-sponsored events and initiatives.

In-House Counsel Wants Advice Beyond Legal Issues

When engaging with lawyers, In-House Counsel seek more than just the answers to their legal questions. They want additional insights and updates on topics related to their organization or practice, whether that involves sharing in-depth articles or simply engaging in casual discussions. Counsel also value the proactive efforts made by firms to build their relationships, even when it’s by referring a lawyer from another firm. As experienced by Thomas Santram, being referred to another lawyer who was better suited for the legal matter at hand proved that the firm genuinely sought a deep relationship grounded in trust.

Interested in more legal marketing trends and topics? Read our previous blog post in our key takeaways from the second day of the conference.

What is the LMA Annual Conference?

The LMA Annual Conference is a premier event in the legal marketing industry, bringing together professionals from around the world to explore innovative strategies, forge meaningful connections, and learn about industry developments. It typically features keynote presentations, breakout sessions, panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities designed to facilitate knowledge sharing, skill development, and professional relationships among attendees.

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