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Pettinelli Mastroluisi

Pettinelli Mastroluisi LLP Chartered Accountants, founded in 1985, is a full-service firm providing professional services to a variety of organizations within various industries. With seven Partners, they attribute much of their success to the fact that all the Partners maintain a hands-on approach providing services to their clients which inevitably results in significant efficiencies. They work closely with their clients to develop an audit approach that is efficient in reducing turnaround times and is also cost-effective. 

Although the firm had grown quite successfully over the past 25 years, the firm partners were never quite able to all agree on a firm logo. After over ten years of trying - many attempts and many designers later - they decided to contact Cubicle Fugitive for help. After one meeting, we realized these weren’t your typical accountants. Known for their hard-working attitude and high attention to detail, the partners wanted a new logo and look that matched their professional firm.

We’re happy to say that we were able to not only find a logo for the firm, with a few variations for their other business units, but we were also able to reach a consensus on their other brand collateral – letterhead, envelopes, labels, and more. Pettinelli Mastroluisi LLP has been so happy with our work thus far, we’ve now begun to design their new firm site.

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