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Morgan MacLeod


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Morgan MacLeod is a brand, marketing and web strategy specialist with over sixteen years’ experience helping companies, including many professional service firms, charitable organizations and several of the Canada’s largest media companies, build and manage their brands both online and off.

With a passion for selling services and intangibles, she has spent the last eight years working almost exclusively with professional service companies - including law firms, heath care, educational institutions, infrastructure companies and accounting firms - helping them create strategic, meaningful and memorable identities. With a strong foundation in market research and sales, Morgan develops strategies, designs, campaigns, marketing plans and brands by first understanding and addressing client needs and then using those insights to help convert interest into deeper relationships and new business.

Having interviewed hundreds of experts in law, accounting, healthcare and engineering, Morgan has an intimate understanding of the professional mindset and their challenges when building their firm and profile. She regularly works with professionals, both established and juniors fresh out of school, to help them articulate their points-of-difference and build strategies for cultivating new business both online and off. 

Her company, Cubicle Fugitive, a full-service professional service marketing firm, has been helping clients define their brands, design their identities, develop their websites and market their firms for over 10 years.

It’s not just coincidence that Morgan and marketing start with the same letter. Morgan has been in the business from the beginning, first marketing herself as a child actor in the hyper-competitive and cutthroat Film and Television industry with the scars to prove it. When the residual cheques from a variety of commercials stopped rolling in, Morgan decided it was time to get a real job.

After graduating from Western University with an Honours degree in Sociology and Film, she spent several years crunching numbers as a research analyst for Strategic Projections and subsequently as Research Manager of the Comedy Network and Newsnet. Wanting to broaden her horizons (and stop doing math), Morgan moved laterally--with a slight incline--over to the Marketing Manager of Programming at CTV, where she looked after the B2B marketing of CTV's programs to advertisers and building sponsorship programs with value. Following that five year stint, Morgan joined the TorStar family as the Manager of Marketing and Branding at The Hamilton Spectator and CityMedia.

As a life-long learner (i.e. book-nerd), Morgan has continued her education with a Marketing Management Certificate through Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School. She has also taken several Executive Marketing courses at the Shulich Executive Education. She now dabbles excessively in Improv, taking several courses at the illustrious Second City in Toronto.

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