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Constantine Legal is a newly established Toronto law firm run by sole proprietor, Lisa Constantine. Lisa is an experienced advocate, with a wide breadth of experience and a deep commitment to her clients. After practising for over 20 years at one of Canada’s leading national law firms, she started her own legal practice, enabling her to pursue the cases that matter most to her clients. It also allows Lisa to provide the highest calibre of legal services, while delivering more value to her clients.

Lisa was looking to create a new law firm that provided litigation solutions for complex legal disputes at more reasonable fees. While still representing a diverse array of large corporate clients, Lisa needed a new identity for her firm that was polished and professional. She came to Cubicle Fugitive to help craft the new brand image and we worked with Lisa to convey her unique style and personality in her logo, stationery, business collateral as well as on her new website.

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