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Centro Legal Works: Brochure Design


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Established in 1995, Centro Legal Works is a Canadian search house specializing in corporate due diligence, filings, registrations, and document legalizations. They partnered with Cubicle Fugitive to enhance their standing among law firms and legal experts in Ontario. Our goal was to refine their marketing materials, blending design and compelling content to boost the appeal of their services to their target audience.

A notable distinction lies in Centro’s approach: instead of targeting consumers or businesses, they exclusively serve law firms. This unique aspect led us to leverage our deep understanding of their audience, crafting a more impactful marketing strategy.

To target Centro’s audience, the search house sponsored the esteemed ILCO conference. To assist in describing Centro’s services, we carefully designed a one-page, double-sided 'brochure,' placed within attendee swag bags. The ILCO conference attracts legal professionals, especially law clerks from the Greater Toronto Area, including well-known law firms. This alignment made it a prime platform to showcase Centro's offerings.

Our collaboration with Centro Legal Works aimed to enhance their connection with their target audience.

Our task was straightforward: create a new brochure design with compelling content to grab attendees' attention and inform them about Centro's comprehensive services. Because most attendees were already familiar with Centro Legal Works’ brand, our spotlighted Centro's array of services in the brochure’s copy and design.

Our efforts culminated in placing the custom designed brochure in attendee swag bags, distributed to over 200 participants. This strategic placement ensured broad visibility among a receptive audience eager to explore solutions aligning with their legal professional roles.

In essence, our collaboration with Centro Legal Works aimed to enhance their connection with their target audience. By seamlessly blending innovative design with engaging content, we effectively bolstered the search house’s presence and engagement at the ILCO conference. This progress aligns with their objective of showcasing their services in a meaningful and impactful manner to legal professionals.

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