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The brainchild of The Terry Fox Foundation – the Terry Fox Research Institute is dedicated to performing and supporting cancer research that will enable discoveries to translate into practical solutions for cancer patients worldwide. Headquartered in Vancouver, the Institute has research nodes across the country.

The Terry Fox Research Institute approached Cubicle Fugitive to refresh their logo and to build a sleek and sophisticated website that would highlight the Institute’s role at the forefront of cancer research. The result is a visually stunning and intuitive new website which utilizes custom-built modules and advanced filtering capabilities. The website incorporates a refreshed logo illustrating Terry passing a baton to a young runner symbolizing Terry’s legacy living on through the next generation.

The website was developed and designed with the intention of creating a seamless user experience. The clean design in conjunction with the simple yet appealing blue and white colour scheme ensures readability, while the functionality of the site was designed to ensure that users can get to the information they need in as few clicks as possible.

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Terry Fox Research Institute Website and Logo Refresh


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