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Partners Indemnity Insurance Brokers Ltd.: Tradeshows and Events


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Since 2008, Cubicle Fugitive has worked with Partners Indemnity to ensure they have professionally designed booths that stand out on the tradeshow floor, promotional items prospectors want to keep, and handouts that are compact and informative. In 2016, we updated the firm’s tradeshow booth and conference marketing, including new conference handouts and sourcing promotional giveaways, to be in keeping with their new brand.

We worked with Partners Indemnity to create a tradeshow booth for the company to display when attending their annual CSSA conference. The refreshed booth attracts attention due to the application of clean and minimal text, interesting imagery, and focus on the company’s logo. Visitors can easily identify essential information, including who they are and how they guide their clients. In addition to having a beautiful design, we sourced and managed the production of the booth with an exhibit company and ensured we developed a system that is easy to put together and has a high print quality.

The 2018 conference focused on digital security. The Partners Indemnity team capitalized by preparing and providing a 5x7 postcard and a letter-size sheet for additional company and digital security information; as well as, a branded charging cable for cell phones and tablets for the attendees.

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