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The Top Law Firm: Video Commercial


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The Top Law Firm initially approached Cubicle Fugitive to create a captivating video commercial, to be showcased at the TRREB conference. This video was carefully designed to convey its message effectively, whether viewers had access to audio or not. With a mere 10-day timeline and no room for new content creation, Cubicle Fugitive skillfully harnessed stock video footage, integrating it seamlessly to achieve a polished and professional result. The client's overwhelming satisfaction with the speedy delivery and top-tier quality led to the video's widespread sharing across their platforms, successfully delivering the desired impact at the TRREB conference.

This video commercial marked a significant turning point for Cubicle Fugitive, as it was this initial project that truly left an indelible mark on The Top Law Firm. The commercial served as the catalyst for a series of successful projects that followed, firmly establishing our partnership. Beyond this project, our collaboration extended to the meticulous design of their tradeshow booth, captivating pop-up banners, and a sophisticated brochure collectively establishing the foundational visual identity that underpinned the firm's social media presence.

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