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The Top Law Firm: Blogging and Social Media Calendar


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The Top Law Firm, a reputable real estate law firm based in Ontario, recognized the importance of solidifying its status as the premier choice for real estate legal services and desired to enhance its reputation in the market. To accomplish this objective, the firm engaged the services of Cubicle Fugitive to develop a comprehensive blogging and social media calendar that would resonate with clients and real estate professionals across Canada while effectively showcasing the Top Law Firm’s unique approach to file management.

Cubicle Fugitive meticulously crafted a 12-month blogging calendar by leveraging insights derived from internal stakeholders, competitive analysis, industry research, and target audience research. In addition, extensive SEO keyword research was conducted to identify twenty-four compelling topics for the firm to consider as part of its monthly blogging efforts. Furthermore, we offered the firm best practice recommendations for blog drafting and provided illustrative blogging examples to guide the firm in creating captivating content.

A meticulously planned social media promotional calendar was developed to generate increased traffic to the blogs and the firm’s website.

A meticulously planned social media promotional calendar was developed to generate increased traffic to the blogs and the firm’s website. This calendar highlighted the firm’s expertise, service areas, talented lawyers, firm events, and client testimonials. To make the social media posts visually striking, we designed social media templates that seamlessly incorporated the firm’s distinctive green colour with images, shapes, and contrasting colours. Moreover, we incorporated persuasive copywriting to captivate readers and prompt the desired call to action. The distinctive brand voice, visually appealing templates, and strategically planned calendar effectively compel the firm’s audience to explore the blogs and valuable resources the Top Law Firm offers.

As a result of the strategic implementation of the blogging and social media calendar, bolstered by powerful messaging and attention-grabbing visuals, the Top Law Firm successfully reaffirmed its expertise in real estate law and significantly expanded its digital reputation among key target audiences. Consequently, the firm’s position in the market has been elevated, and its reach has extended beyond its existing client base.

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