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The Top Law Firm: Social Media Management and Reporting


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Following Cubicle Fugitive's assistance in creating a content calendar for The Top Law Firm, our marketing team took charge of managing the firm’s online social media presence. This involved overseeing the creation, posting and monitoring of the firm's accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business on a monthly basis.

Each month, we crafted a detailed content schedule, including post copy, corresponding images, and strategic calls to action, all aimed at enhancing brand recognition and loyalty among the firm's followers. The monthly calendar was carefully designed to spotlight different aspects of the firm, such as its practice areas and lawyers, aligning with the goals set during the initial content calendar creation.

Cubicle Fugitive developed Canva templates for the content the firm wanted to share and tailored these to the various posts required each month. Our social media visuals adhered to the firm's established brand colours but also featured unique design elements. This included using distinctive shapes and imagery strategically to capture the audience's attention and convey specific information about each post. Additionally, we produced visually engaging videos that remained in line with the brand's established visual identity.

Our social media visuals adhered to the firm's established brand colours but also featured unique design elements.

Cubicle Fugitive also took the lead in researching and crafting the firm's copy. In close collaboration with the Top Law Firm, we developed content and visuals that showcased the expertise of the firm's legal professionals, the range of services provided, the informative blogs and materials produced for clients, as well as testimonials from satisfied clients.

With Cubicle Fugitive's support, the firm's social media channels achieved a consistent and cohesive appearance. This not only strengthened the firm's online presence but also fostered meaningful interactions with both current and potential clients, ultimately expanding the firm's following. Moreover, it played a crucial role in maintaining a unified message and brand identity across various platforms.

The Top Law Firm tasked Cubicle Fugitive with both managing their social media and evaluating the success of their new social media approach. Cubicle Fugitive created a comprehensive monthly social media report, which included detailed data analysis of content engagement on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business Profile. The report furnished essential insights into the firm's most engaging content, tracking metrics such as impressions, reach, and clicks. Armed with this valuable data, Cubicle Fugitive was able to make well-informed decisions about the upcoming month's content strategy to ensure it resonated effectively with the audience's preferences and interaction patterns.

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