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Rye Park Manor: Logo Design


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The Rye Park Manor brand, like the bed & breakfast, is sophisticated, unique, and premium. Working with the owners of the B&B, we created a logo and icon that is as unique as the property they have created. Inspired by the custom and luxurious experience Sandra and Gary created, we incorporated a personal signature for the firm’s initials.

The icon combines Rye Park Manor’s initials into a single iconic character reminiscent of a royal monogram. Its sweeping curves represent the elegance that is offered to visitors. This leads to the ‘waves’ in the letter ‘M’ that is reminiscent of the Niagara Falls themselves. Finally, the icon is angled slightly upward to convey a feeling of power and optimism.

Working with the owners of the B&B, we created a logo and icon that is as unique as they property they have created.

Rye Park Manor’s primary brand colours are Victoria Violet and Fjord Grey. Victoria Violet is a regal colour that conveys the luxury and elegance at Rye Park Manor and is used to draw attention to important text (e.g., headlines) and brand elements. Fjord Grey speaks to the waters of Niagara Falls and is the main text colour, serving as a compliment to the Victoria Violet.

The owners were so delighted with their new logo that they embroidered it on all of the B&B’s robes and towels, as well as, created custom stationery and thank you cards for visitors.

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