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Key Takeaways from the 2024 Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference – Part Four

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We are proud to present our fourth blog post in this series on the key takeaways from the 2024 Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Annual Conference, where we share insights from one of the sessions attended by our strategists on April 4th.

From Key Account Management to Client Teams – Insights for Stronger Client Relationships

This interactive session was led by Catherine Zinn, Chief Client Officer for Baker Botts LLP, Linda Sanders, Director of Client Experience for Troutman Pepper, Mark Young, Counsel for Vox Actio LLC, and Kelly Harbour, Chief Business Development Officer for Goulston & Storrs PC. These speakers emphasized the pivotal role of collaborative planning in enhancing client relationships.

Here are the key considerations for collaborative planning:

Establish the Foundation

Building strong client relationships begins with collaborative planning, which involves understanding their needs, values, and innovative aspirations while avoiding presumptions. It’s essential to establish a solid foundation by being proactive, communicative, and culturally aware, which can be achieved through interviews, questionnaires, and ongoing communication.

Place Emphasis on the Client

By prioritizing client-centricity, firms can strengthen relationships, leading to increased revenue and referrals. Utilizing tools like Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys and allocating additional resources to client needs further enhances service delivery. Additionally, identifying who holds the client relationship within the firm and implementing client team programs with clear goals and action items ensures alignment with client objectives and facilitates meaningful touchpoints.

Metrics & Feedback

Considering which metrics will support your objectives is an essential part of the strategic plan, as well as keeping the plan industry-focused and accessible. Also ensure to conduct client feedback exercises and schedule regular meetings to reinforce communication, commitment, and accountability. Ultimately, maintaining emotional intelligence and consistently demonstrating value reinforces why clients are better off partnering with the firm.

Discover exciting takeaways from day one of the conference in our previous post for the 2024 LMA Annual Conference blog series.

What is the LMA Annual Conference?

The LMA Annual Conference is a premier event in the legal marketing industry, bringing together professionals from around the world to explore innovative strategies, forge meaningful connections, and learn about industry developments. It typically features keynote presentations, breakout sessions, panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities designed to facilitate knowledge sharing, skill development, and professional relationships among attendees.


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