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Dunnion Law: Content Marketing and Copywriting


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Committed to protecting the rights of people who have been injured by negligent or wrongful acts, Dunnion Law was looking for a marketing partner to help articulate their client value proposition and differentiate them from their competitors. The new website needed to showcase the firm’s depth and bench strength while being both client friendly and search engine optimized.

Cubicle Fugitive conducted a deep dive into the client’s existing brand collateral and messaging and conducted several one on one interviews with the firm’s key stakeholders. This allowed us to understand who the firm is and what the vision would be for the future.

We also conducted extensive keyword research in order to help determine the best structure for Dunnion’s practice area content and general site content. This process provided key information with respect to SEO and how to best position the firm for success online. After conducting this research, Cubicle Fugitive was able to identify key messaging to be highlighted in the content development process as well as the visual direction for the design of the website.

As part of this project, we developed new FAQs, glossary, practice area content, about content, and key messaging for headlines. All content was written with the objective of being SEO friendly but also conveying the firm’s brand.

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