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KSV Advisory: Ad Copy, Ad Campaign and Design


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Following our intensive brand discovery process, one key fact continued to surface—KSV’s clients often faced insurmountable hurdles whether looking for independent valuation advisory services, investigating financial misappropriations, advising on transactions for M&A, providing testimony in disputes, or while going through an insolvency and restructuring procedure, and they turned to KSV to help them find creative ways to achieve their goals.  

With a beautifully designed brand already in place, we sought to merely enhance and elevate it through a minimalist look, a refined colour palette, and clear and concise messaging. We also developed new key messaging through the creation of a tagline or primary headline.  

“Infinite obstacles. Creative solutions.” 

To convey the firm’s new positioning, we simply animated their new tagline “Infinite obstacles. Creative solutions.” across the firm’s digital assets. To aid in the firm’s recruitment efforts, we also developed new content that captured the personality of the people at the firm (smart and funny with exceptional integrity) and conveyed a sense of the intellectually challenging, dynamic and financially rewarding work environment. With a business based on selling their intellectual capital and critical-thinking skills, it is imperative that the firm attract the best and the brightest financial and business professionals to join their team.  

The outcome was a visual campaign that emphasized the professional and modern approach that KSV takes with clients and their work, clearly articulating their position across all digital assets and materials. The firm can also carry their visual identity into all future marketing and firm materials, allowing the firm to extend their brand easily and effectively. 

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