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Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network: Website Design and Development


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The Marathon of Hope Cancer Centre’s Network (MOHCCN) partnered with Cubicle Fugitive to completely redesign and redevelop their website. Drawing inspiration from Terry Fox’s legacy of uniting Canadians against cancer, MOHCCN aims to foster nationwide collaboration among cancer researchers for advancing precision medicine. The central goal of the website project was to establish a dynamic online platform that would align with evolving initiatives while allowing for the gradual expansion of content sections over time.

With the goal of creating a digital space that robustly supported the centre's growing initiatives, the MOHCCN website was designed to streamline content delivery and empower the organization to draft and revise content according to their evolving goals. In addition to a seamless backend experience, the forward facing website design thoughtfully integrated the organization’s unique brand colours, engaging users while remaining accessible.

Presenting the extensive repository of policies and guidelines posed a challenge to the Cubicle Fugitive team. This was addressed by utilizing expanding/collapsing blocks; these blocks featured policy titles, concise summaries, and downloadable resources, ensuring a clear and organized display of essential information.

In the design phase, a captivating challenge emerged—ensuring that the MOHCCN’s distinctive brand red met WCAG Level AA standards. Red, notorious for its difficulty in achieving satisfactory contrast with other colours, required careful attention. Our design team collaborated closely with the MOHCCN to explore various shades of red, achieving a balance between WCAG Level AA compliance and brand aesthetics.

This project was strategically designed for phased implementation. Collaboratively with MOHCCN, we prioritized specific modules for the initial phase of the design, while reserving others for subsequent phases. This approach ensured that the website’s development aligned with the MOHCCN’s organizational objectives and timelines.

The MOHCCN was pleased with phase one of their website design project, and is actively involved in executing Phase 2 elements, working hand in hand with Cubicle Fugitive to enhance the website’s capabilities further and to solidify its digital presence.

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