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Carranza LLP is one of the largest personal injury firms in Toronto. With the ability to communicate in 24 languages, a proven track record of success, including what is likely the largest catastrophic injury award ever awarded by an arbitrator, they stand behind the idea that it is no longer enough for a lawyer to just understand the law and the legal system, they must also understand their client’s unique circumstances, language and culture.

Carranza contacted Cubicle Fugitive to help create a more professional image that enabled them to compete directly with leading law firms, while still appealing to and retaining their competitive advantage with the city’s diverse communities. We completely rebranded Carranza by creating a new logo and tagline - “Multiple languages. Singular focus.” Once the identity of the firm was established, we went on to create their business collateral, design and write brochures, newsletters, print and online ad campaigns, holiday cards, and design and develop a multilingual website which is accessible in 11 languages.

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