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Accountancy Insurance: Advertising


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Before entering the Canadian market, Accountancy Insurance had an established presence and successful brand in both Australia and New Zealand. The challenge now was to refine the headlines and copy to better position the company for their Canadian audience and create on-brand imagery that would appeal to their target markets.

The headlines are a mix of clever, informative, and to the point, reinforcing how Accountancy Insurance can help their clients. The branded purple is a key element that was carried throughout all the new marketing materials. The imagery, like the headlines, balances fun with informative, featuring images that relate back to the copy and the challenges that Accountancy Insurance’s clients regularly face. Together, the headlines and imagery create a playful yet pointed campaign. The campaign included ads in Pivot magazine, TV ads, flyers, postcards, and rack cards. The materials were also designed to be easily maintained by the company’s internal marketing team going forward.

Together, the headlines and imagery create a playful yet pointed campaign.

Following the success of the aforementioned 2019 advertising campaign for Accountancy Insurance, the firm were looking for assistance with a campaign that would speak directly to the Australian market. Based on Cubicle Fugitive’s original campaign headline  ‘Don’t let the CRA drive you CRA-ZY’, the firm were looking for a headline that targeted the ATO or Australian Taxation Office and used the letters ‘ATO’ in a clever, industry-focused way. A series of brainstorm sessions and research was conducted in order to develop a list of headlines from which the client would make their choice. The firm unanimously decided on “Don’t be A Total mess, Avoid the ATO stress”. Once the headline was decided upon, our design and brand team worked together to develop campaign visuals that not only matched the headline, but could work within the existing campaign that we had developed and launched in 2019. The final result stayed true to Accountancy Insurance’s global advertising campaign elements, but with new, bold, industry-specific imagery.


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