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Bergmanis Preyra LLP: Copywriting and Professional Bios and Profiles


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As part of the Bergmanis Preyra’s rebrand and website development projects, Cubicle Fugitive helped draft content for the firm’s About Us, Practice Area pages, and Lawyer bios. The content that was written for the About Us pages consisted of Who We Are, In the Community, and Joining the Firm. The basis of this content focused on the firm’s brand points of difference as an approachable personal injury law firm where potential clients can come to them for advice and leadership.

Before drafting the practice area page content for the website, Cubicle Fugitive performed a keyword analysis to determine the widely searched terms for personal injury services and then analyzed the data in conjunction with the firm’s brand and areas of expertise. Once the final list was approved, we wrote informative practice area content that included some words of encouragement and reassurance for their target audience to feel safe and that they will be well taken care of.

Cubicle Fugitive also interviewed each lawyer at the firm and drafted a bio summary that not only conveys their high level of expertise and professionalism, but a sense of who they are, how they practice law, and what a potential client, referral source or opposing counsel can expect from them.

Cubicle Fugitive also drafted content for the firm’s comprehensive car accident guide that was meant to be kept in vehicles for reference on what to do if you were involved in a car accident. The tone of the brochure was written as if a parent was speaking to their adult child and giving them advice on a difficult situation - one that many can relate to. The content was written in plain language, avoiding unnecessary use of legal terms, so that anyone could easily understand the brochure.

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