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Chaitons LLP: Logo Design


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The firm had a recognizable brand colour and logo, however, wanted to simplify the mark created by another design firm. Their previous logo included a paint brush stroke of green and some of the details did not replicate well across their materials.

Chaitons LLP had been moving away from this mark for years, however, had yet to make the switch across all of their collateral. The 2020 redesign of their website provided the perfect opportunity to refresh the firm’s logo and brand. Cubicle Fugitive stripped away the paint brush swoosh and created a refined wordmark that was clean, minimalist, and modern. We adjusted the letterforms and ensured their brand green could be compliant online for the latest AODA requirements. We incorporated a new complimentary blue to add interest and convey a sense of trust, stability, and strength.

We adjusted the letterforms and ensured their brand green could be compliant online for the latest AODA requirements. 

In conjunction with the firm’s new website design, we incorporated a premium design detail that included an intersection of lines. The new pattern signifies the firm’s ability to see through the clutter and provide perspective and clarity for even the most complex legal issue. They are able to bring all the details together, get the heart of an issue, and craft effective business solutions for their clients.

The firm loved the new colour and design element so much that they chose to incorporate this as part of their logo across of the firm’s stationery and collateral.

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