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Lipman Zener Waxman (LZW): Brand Positioning and Awareness Strategy


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In 2019, the day-to-day leadership of Lipman Zener & Waxman LLP (LZW) was changing hands from founder Allan Lipman to Jason Spetter and Sean N. Zeitz. While the firm’s commitment to providing an unwavering representation of their client’s interests was not changing, the messaging and visuals needed to.

The firm’s brand had become stale and outdated. It no longer aptly reflected the strength of their approach, nor the personalized service they provided. Managing Partner, Jason Spetter, reached out to Cubicle Fugitive to help identify, define, and articulate a meaningful brand position for both clients and new recruits.

In determining what makes LZW unique, Cubicle Fugitive performed exhaustive research on the firm and its clients to identify a significant, relevant, distinctive and sustainable competitive advantage to guide decision-making and actions. Cubicle Fugitive has also audited competitors’ websites and consulted best practice industry research to help devise and articulate a brand positioning for the firm.

We wanted a concept that was smart, succinct and strong. 

After careful analysis of the firm and its competitors, we understood that LZW is a firm that not only understands the industry, their clients, the law, business strategy, human dynamics and the nuances of the situation but also determinedly pursues its client’s interests to deliver the best results possible. While tenacious and relentless in finding a strategic advantage for their clients, LZW provides an exceptionally personal, proactive and genuinely warm client service experience. Clients feel valued, validated, appreciated, respected and relieved by working with the reflect the firm’s passion, determination, and commitment to their clients.

In our efforts to carve out a unique and differentiated position in the market for the firm, we crafted several headlines to be used in advertising, brochures and the website. We wanted a concept that was smart, succinct and strong. Something that told the marketplace that LZW has come to win and cannot be ignored. With this in mind, we proposed the “Out” concept that focused on the firm’s ability to out deliver, outdo, outperform, outmatch, outpace, and outsmart their competition. It also highlighted their outstanding client service, the determination of their output, and the outlook they provide their clients. This concept is currently executed throughout the firm’s website and we look forward to rolling it out into a full campaign.

We further realized the brand through all new messaging and website content, a new logo and stationery, and client-facing website.

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