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Smart and Biggar: Logo Design


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Smart & Biggar / Fetherstonhaugh had a distinct, yet complicated to spell name. Dating back to 1890, when Frederick B. Fetherstonhaugh, a patent agent and lawyer, opened the first office of Fetherstonhaugh & Co. in Toronto, the firm had roots as a preeminent IP firm. In the early 1900s, Russell S. Smart and Oliver Mowat Biggar joined the growing litigation firm known as Smart & Biggar, with both firms merging in the latter half of the century.

Having grown into one of the largest and most recognizable intellectual property firms in Canada for Fortune 100 companies around the world, the firm was commonly referred to by its abbreviated name—Smart & Biggar. Conscious of the legacy of the Fetherstonhaugh & Co., they wanted to ensure the proper respect was paid to the history of the firm while aptly reflecting the sophistication and prestige of the growing brand.

Choosing to not completely reinvent the current wordmark completely, we chose to enhance existing letterforms to create a strong and recognizable logo.

Cubicle Fugitive worked closely with the firm’s partners and marketers to refine and refresh their wordmark. Rather than reinvent the current wordmark completely, we chose to enhance existing letterforms to create a strong and recognizable logo.

To give the wordmark a premium feel we increased the font-weight and customized several characters, overall contributing to the enhancement of their overall message. The original letter “S” was lacking in strength, and as a result, we modified its ends with two parallel angled cuts to give it a more prestigious and precise presence with a forward-looking personality. The angled cuts in "T" and "G" unite all letterforms in a balanced way. The customized "shark fin" curve on the apex of "A" and leg of "R" is what transforms it from stock typography to a feeling of distinguished professionalism.

We tweaked the firm’s ampersand and provided the firm with various short and long-form brand extension options. The result is a sophisticated, refined, and timeless wordmark.

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