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Minden Gross

Minden Gross LLP, founded in 1950, is a well-respected mid-size law firm with expertise in business law, personal law, commercial real estate and civil litigation.

While the firm had recently undergone a rebrand a few years prior, their website did not accurately reflect the image of the firm, highlight their breadth and depth of services, nor did it allow for easy internal updates. Cubicle Fugitive worked with the firm to articulate their points of difference, redesign their current site, provide site-structure and content development recommendations, new lawyer and firm photography, copywriting, and design and development of their new site. Their new site was also one of the early law firm websites in Canada to go responsive. Upon launch, we also redesigned their firm e-newsletter to help let client’s know about recent developments at the firm. We have also been working with the firm on a regular basis assisting with various marketing and advertising initiatives and yearly holiday e-cards.

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