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Cavalluzzo LLP: Logo Design


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When the firm Cavalluzzo Hayes Shilton McIntyre & Cornish, Barristers and Solicitors, was looking to rebrand and truncate their name, they turned to Cubicle Fugitive, the leading legal marketing branding firm in Canada.

Following an in-depth competitive and industry discovery exercise, we presented the firm with several options that would showcase the firm’s deeply-entrenched roots in labour and employment law but would also provide the firm with a modern, minimalist, and timeless wordmark for the new firm name.

The logo we custom designed was strong, modern, and sharp. 

The vision behind the logo was to create a new brand system that better reflected the firm’s progressive nature, broad perspective, and commitment to equality. Known for their excellence in advocacy and commitment to social justice in labour and employment, the firm needed a strong new identity.

The logo we custom designed was strong, modern, and sharp. We customized a beautiful font to include sharp angles, tight kerning, and customization of how the letters interact with one another. The letterforms work beautifully together and have a slightly play of movement—a testament to the firm’s progressive nature.

Where appropriate the letters have been modified to incorporate sharp ends allowing each letter to blend into the next, conveying unity, strength, and permanence; while alluding to the firm’s attention to detail, intellect, and aggressive work ethic. By keeping the LLP slightly smaller, yet still dominant, it allows the U to become the centre of the logo—a nod to the firm’s focus on their clients and their rights.

As the firm phased in their new name, we created a series of lockups that allowed their clients and market to associate the firm with their new name. These lockups were showcased across the firm’s new stationery for several years and as a footer in all advertising until the firm made a universal change to Cavalluzzo LLP in 2018.

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