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With a vastly out-of-date website, Dillon Consulting was looking for a firm that could help them define and articulate a new brand position, as well as, reimagine it across a new website. The previous Dillon Consulting website utilized flash technology that was no longer accessible by many browsers. The website was difficult to navigate and much of the content was hidden under multiple levels of disconnected navigation. They required a complete overhaul of design, navigation, and functionality.

Following our brand strategy and discovery phase, we performed exhaustive competitive, keyword, and market research to understand the needs of their users and industry benchmarks. Using insights garnered from our investigation we reimagined the user experience from a client, stakeholder, and potential employee perspective. We designed and developed a professional and easy to navigate new website that reinforces the brand and funnels visitors to the information that is relevant to them.

With some amazing, high-profile engineering and consulting projects, we utilized project renderings and photography for impactful landing pages. Visualizing the partnership between the community, stakeholders, and Dillon, the website incorporates overlapping circles that connect the people with the work. Carefully curated images of people strategizing and working together are paired with Dillon’s engineering and design projects.

We designed and developed a professional and easy to navigate new website that reinforces the brand and funnels visitors to the information that is relevant to them.

We worked with the internal marketing and digital teams to cull through previous projects to develop a robust, visually appealing, and searchable database of Dillon’s work. With a desire for the projects to come to life with great visuals and case studies, we were challenged that historical images were often limited in size, quality, and consistency. We focused on selecting a hero image and developed a scroller of other images that would accommodate the wide array of photos.

We designed and developed the company’s website on an intuitive, administrator friendly, and robust content management system. Users from across the country keep the firm’s news, projects, and blogs current. When the firm launched the new brand and site at their Annual General Meeting, they received a standing ovation. Since 2014, Cubicle Fugitive has worked with Dillon Consulting to add in new functionality, update the platform, and further enhance the user-experience.

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