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SV Law: Ad Campaign


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In determining what makes SV Law unique, Cubicle Fugitive developed a list of points of differentiation from interviews conducted with key stakeholders, as well as competitive research and external research. Cubicle Fugitive then analyzed the full list of word associations and chose the ones that were most meaningful to the firm and should be considered as brand differentiators. The four words that best described the firm were Community, Responsiveness, Relationships, and Invested. With this in mind, Cubicle Fugitive executed the campaign into a visual format, complete with headlines and body copy. The ads also featured large stock photography of happy smiling people giving the notion that SV Law is not only knowledgeable in what they do but is also a delight to work with.

Cubicle Fugitive also developed a tagline to encompass all of the areas of law that the firm practices which can help a client at any stage of their life. SV Law is “the only firm you’ll ever need.”

Once the main firm campaign established momentum, Cubicle Fugitive then developed ads for some of the individual practice area groups: Wills & Estates, Condo Law, Farm Law, Real Estate, Business, Personal Injury, Family Law, and a Full-Service and Local Ad campaign.

Cubicle Fugitive also works with the firm on other print advertisements related to lawyer announcements, firm news, sponsorship ads, and any other ad hoc requests.

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