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The Law Office Management Association (TLOMA): Brand Positioning and Awareness Campaign


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Founded in 1968, The Law Office Management Association (TLOMA) is a not-for-profit organization for law firm managers and administrators that provide education, professional development, networking opportunities, mentorship and support to members representing law firms throughout southern Ontario.

While TLOMA’s profile among Administrators within Toronto Law Firms was quite high, they wanted Cubicle Fugitive’s assistance to articulate a meaningful brand position for current and potential members, business partners (who sponsor the Association) and potential new members. They were also looking to deepen relationships with members and business partners, as well as increase the overall number of members and sponsors.

Cubicle Fugitive started the process through an intense discovery which included a review and assessment of current Association materials, strategic plans, initiatives, as well as partnerships and sponsorship opportunities with business partners. We developed, executed and analyzed a membership survey for current members to better understand the current membership, why they joined, benefits, value of services and resources, shortcomings and opportunities for deepening relationships.

We incorporated familiar lines to capture a reader’s attention and provide a sense that TLOMA isn’t your typical uninspiring legal association.

Cubicle Fugitive interviewed Business Partners from varying levels of sponsorship and financial commitment levels to better understand each partner’s business, targets, why they sponsored TLOMA, their challenges in reaching this market (legal professionals), value in current partnership and advertising programs, and opportunities that would better meet their business needs.

We then created the new visual brand for the Association and developed all new brand messaging. Brand messaging focused on the benefits to both members and business partners is the community for legal administrators. Throughout all of TLOMA’s messaging, we highlighted the benefits of being “tapped in”, the “endless possibilities” afforded through partnership/membership and the sense of belonging.

In an effort to cultivate an immediate, familiar and welcoming connection with readers (as well as a little brevity), we incorporated famous movie and television quotes in the headlines. With an Association as dynamic and engaging as TLOMA, basic matter-of-fact copy didn’t seem to fit. We incorporated familiar lines to capture a reader’s attention and provide a sense that TLOMA isn’t your typical uninspiring legal association.

We executed an advertising campaign as well as designed all new brand collateral (trade show displays, business cards, electronic newsletters and communications, website, and more) and developed an online style guide for committee and board members to maintain the brand going forward. This also included further enhancing the website we built for the Association a few years prior.

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