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Bergel Magence LLP is a personal injury law firm that has brought together a team of talented, dedicated lawyers, who work together to ensure that their clients receive the best representation and legal advice possible for over 45 years.

Cubicle Fugitive was approached by Bergel Magence to help investigate, articulate, and promote a brand position that is meaningful to referrals, current and potential clients as well as employees of the firm and improve their position in the personal injury marketplace. Once the firm approved the new brand, CF then took the brand position to create a new identity and design for their website, advertisements, stationery, and more.

The new logo is an eye-catching wordmark whose bold, uppercase design conveys the firm’s strength and dedication to achieving results for their client. The firm also prides itself on its dedication to being accessible and family focused. Cubicle Fugitive chose to highlight these brand attributes with a new warm orange brand colour and through the selective use of fonts.

The new brand is complemented by new custom photography that shows the camaraderie shared by Bergel Magence’s lawyers and staff. These photos appear prominently in the firm’s new materials including the website and advertisements.

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