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Eisenberg & Young has been a client of Cubicle Fugitive for many years. The firm is led by Robert Young and Howard Eisenberg who are Hamilton’s go-to certified specialists for Immigration Law. With over 50 years of combined Canadian immigration experience, they offer complete service with a diverse and global client base.

A long-time client of Cubicle Fugitive, Eisenberg & Young decided that it was time to refresh their website with a modern and attractive look and feel. The objective was to refresh the site so it could be used as a business generation tool for cultivating more qualified leads online. The firm was looking to ensure that the site was mobile-friendly and that it appealed to people all over the world, of all ages, occupations and backgrounds. CF worked with Eisenberg & Young to develop enticing headlines, revised website copy and updated photography.  CF delivered on these goals and created a website with a fresh and attractive new look that achieved the firm’s overall objectives.

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