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Committed to integrating innovative clinical care, world-leading research, and outstanding educational resources, the Department of Surgery at McMaster University aspires to continue to be a leading department in academic surgery both nationally and internationally. Its large faculty contributes extensively to ​their unique ability to provide specialty care for Hamilton and the surrounding communities through St. Joseph's Healthcare and the Hamilton Health Sciences.

Impressed by the robust functionality of the McMaster Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences (DPBN) website, the Department of Surgery engaged Cubicle Fugitive to design and develop a similarly powerful website that could be easily maintained internally.

With eleven different divisions, more than 150 faculty profiles, and a number of other key sections such as research, news, and staff resources, it was crucial for various pieces of information to be interlinked, allowing the user to navigate through the deep site in as few clicks as possible.

On the home page of the site, we focused on highlighting key areas that visitors would be most interested in and provided an easy and appealing way to get them there. Highlighting video content, alumni profiles, latest news, related pages, and quick facts on the department, a quick scroll through the home page leaves a lasting impression of the Department of Surgery’s level of innovation and commitment to world-class clinical care. 

McMaster Department of Surgery


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