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Capital Regional District (CRD): Website


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CRDAC approached Cubicle Fugitive to design a new website because of our extensive experience in their current CMS platform, Sitefinity. CRDAC was also seeking a creative partner who could not only provide a strategic approach to their content organization, but also refresh their design in a unique and differentiated way.

After determining the website users and audience, Cubicle Fugitive took the time to take a deep dive into their current site content. Based on our findings we determined the best modules and website architecture for their needs to ensure users have access to pertinent information within just a few clicks. To achieve CRDAC’s goals, it was critical to reorganize the current content into a cohesive flow.

To balance the government and arts look and feel, we have paired a clean and minimal layout with vivid images and distinct contrasting colours.

Cubicle Fugitive was tasked with finding a way to link back to the CRD site and preserve the main brand while clearly identifying that the user is on the Arts & Culture website. To balance the government and arts look and feel, we have paired a clean and minimal layout with vivid images and distinct contrasting colours.

Funding and grants, an integral component of the Arts & Culture department, have been featured prominently on the home page. The types of grants offered are clearly identified by applying vibrant photography and an established colour code. For those interested in additional information, there are distinct call-to-actions to apply for funding. The grant resources and video references have been organized as a module which appears both on related pages throughout the site, and as a master database.

Using the division’s current marketing collateral as inspiration, we worked to create a unique way of incorporating the icons into the website design. The result is one of the most unique features on the website, providing a visually appealing way to include the animation of key facts and figures. We have displayed various icons, charts, and scrolling numbers to bring the user’s attention to relevant data.

We also improved both the design and functionality of the division’s organizations by including the ability to sort and filter organizations by discipline, keyword, or name, and showcase funding amounts and linkages to the grant types module.

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