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Having worked with Cubicle Fugitive on another client’s project, McCarter Grespan was impressed by our unique, in-depth brand investigation and website development process. We worked closely with the firm to not only design and develop a new website that is as distinctive and dynamic as the firm, but also showcases their personality and professionalism through the messaging and bio and practice area content. Their new website is visually appealing and extremely easy to use both on the desktop and mobile devices.

While it was important to create an interesting and impactful visual identity on McCarter Grespan’s new website, we focused as much as effort, if not more, on ensuring that the content (including the details, tone, and messaging) conveyed the experience and personality of the firm and its lawyers. We conducted in-depth interviews with each lawyer to help us craft compelling and insightful content for their bios, practice areas, and general pages. Our goal was to effectively go beyond what they do to how they do it and why clients should choose them.

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