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Conway Litigation: Brand Positioning and Strategy


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Conway Baxter Wilson LLP (Conway) hired Cubicle Fugitive to help investigate, articulate, and promote a brand position that is meaningful to current and potential clients, partners, and employees of the firm. In determining what makes Conway unique, Cubicle Fugitive performed exhaustive research on the firm and its competitors to identify a significant, relevant, distinctive and sustainable competitive advantage to guide decision-making and actions. Cubicle Fugitive also audited competitors’ websites and consulted best practice industry research to help devise and articulate a brand positioning for the firm.

At its core, the firm is comprised of individuals who are truly passionate about the law.

At its core, the firm is comprised of individuals who are truly passionate about the law, lawyers who have the academic and analytical chops, but also the keen ability to pick up on what’s not being said by their clients rather than just what their clients are telling them. The law is a constantly shifting playing field which requires foresight and strategy; the lawyers of Conway are no strangers to this. The ability to reinterpret the law through a creative lens while also understanding the motivations and nuances of all parties involved is a great strength of theirs.

After articulating and determining the firm’s brand positioning, the next step was to provide practical ways in which the brand could be translated across the firm’s touchpoints. We presented a final brand strategy report to the client which outlined our findings, recommendations for the brand, as well as a series of strategic firm recommendations regarding website architecture, recruitment, how to live the brand internally, and more.

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