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Content is the most important element of any website. It is content that gets clients to your website and it is content that keeps them coming back. 

What you say and how you choose to say it are just as important (if not more) than the design of your website or any other piece of collateral or communication. When developing content, it’s important to keep in mind “what does my client want to know?” and “what do they need to know?” Many companies write their content with little consideration for their recipient. Your reader needs to be the focus of all you do. They should not have to hunt to find out “what’s in it for me?”

Although stuffing key words onto your website might initially bring people there, it will also turn them off once they arrive. They’ve come to find out who you are, evaluate your services (most likely comparing you to another lawyer, accountant, researcher or doctor) and determine whether they want to make the call. This should not be a frustrating experience for them.

With all content development, there are many factors you want to consider:

  • Ensure it is client focused, not you focused
  • Ensure the depth and breadth of the content is applicable to your target market (and enough for search engines to understand what you do)
  • Include useful and targeted industry specific information
  • Keywords including terms that people are using to search to find similar businesses
  • Make important information easy to find – your home page should also be an aggregator of valuable information
  • Tone should be professional and match the image of your company

While we’ve written lots of accurate and exciting legal, accounting and medical content in-house, sometimes it is best to leave this to the professionals – the lawyers, accountants and doctors, that is. For these projects we’re more than happy to provide you with content suggestions, site structure recommendations, keyword considerations and editing.

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