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We re-branded?

Did your firm or company re-brand and forget to tell the staff? For a brand to succeed, it is essential that brand messaging and promises are communicated to all staff by management, with clear expectations on their role in delivering upon the brand position.

We recommend companies choose people from various areas to act as brand champions. They will then work with management to relay how each specific role in the firm or company fits with the strategy/brand. It is also imperative that employees are able to develop their own ways to deliver on the firm’s brand promise and are empowered to put those practices in place.

Each client touch-point (staff attitude, appearance of lobby/reception area and building, phone greeting, email correspondence, recruiting effort, orientation program, advertising, public relation, company vehicle, invoice etc.) is another chance to make a good or bad impression.

We will work with you to help develop, articulate, explain, launch and maintain your brand both internally and externally.

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