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With as much as 40% of your web traffic checking out your bio, shouldn't you put some thought into what’s said about you?

Bios are key to professional services. Often clients have been recommended to you and want to check you out before they make that initial phone call. Ensure your first impression is one you intended.

Take the time to provide readers with a sense of who you are, how you can help them, how you approach clients and their particular issues, and above all else, how this ultimately benefits them, your client.

We all know you're experts in your field, so make it easy for us to evaluate your credentials by including things like services, education, designations, specializations, awards and articles. At Cubicle Fugitive, we’ll work with you to uncover and articulate all your strong points and will even write your bio for you.

And, if you’re current bio photo is worse than your grade 8 one, we can even recommend some great photographers to help capture the real you and put the best first impression forth.

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