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While they say a picture is worth a thousand words, not every photo is created equal.

Much like the content on your site, the photos that you choose must convey the same tone and quality that is consistent with your brand. Whether it’s your bio photo, a shot of your lobby, or a stock image, it all has to work together to create and enhance the overall look and feel of your website and printed materials.

The power of photography is often underestimated and the first inclination is to “hire” your neighbour’s cousin’s dentist who likes to take photos on the weekend. Trust us when we say that photography is best left to a professional photographer.

But getting photos done right for your site needn’t be a hassle nor cost prohibitive. We make it easy by offering a number of photography services to suit your needs and budget:

Bio Photography

Since a lawyer’s bio is one of the most visited pages on a law firm website, it’s imperative to have a great photo to accompany your well-crafted bio. We work with the best photographers in the area (and we can also work with a photographer of your choosing) to schedule and coordinate photo sessions, prep people on what to wear, straighten ties and powder noses (yes, really), and whatever else needs to be done to ensure that you look your best on picture day.

Custom Photography

Sometimes getting the photo that says a thousand words just needs to be shot specifically for your website, brochure, or any other marketing campaign. Whether the image just needs to be local, unique or convey a very specific idea, we can help make your vision become a reality. We will work with you and the photographer to develop concepts and art direct the shoot to ensure the right images are captured in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Stock Photography

Stock imagery is often the most economical way to tell a story. We take pride in selecting the right image for the right message and within the right budget. We consider what needs to be conveyed, who the audience is, what is the competition using, what the lighting and colouring of the image should be, and the ultimate cost to use the image. Ask us whether stock is the right choice for your next design project.

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