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Micro what?

Microsites are small, self-contained websites that focus on a specific theme. We're big fans and think they are excellent tools to enhance branding campaigns and increase search engine rankings while driving visitors to specific and targeted content. As their name suggests, microsites are often only a few pages in length and have their own domain name (i.e. separate from your main business domain name).

For law firms, this could be a site focused on:

  • A key practice area or Industry e.g. Personal Injury, Employment Law, Land Development, Environmental, etc.
  • Particular issue you address or service you provide 
  • Target a specific group of people e.g. Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Planners etc.
  • Or a particular industry e.g. Construction, Education, Bio Technology etc.

Microsites are great for highlighting your firm’s expertise in specific areas. They also work to boost your natural search engine rankings (your paid Google Adword campaigns will also garner better results) because they have very targeted/focused content and highly relevant domain names (e.g. the URLs often contain your client’s key search terms).

Instead of simply being brochures for the firm, they provide useful information that people are searching for online. At Cubicle Fugitive we will work with you to determine the best content for your clients, which can include such things as overviews, blogs, articles, advice, FAQ’s, forms and/or downloads and quick contact for more information. Don't forget to link it back to your main company website to close the deal.

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