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We are just like every other firm. At Cubicle Fugitive we simply don't agree.

Contrary to popular belief, branding involves much more than simply getting a new logo. Your brand is a strategic tool that clearly articulates your points of difference or competitive advantage to potential clients, giving them a compelling reason to choose your firm or company over another. A strong brand provides you with a well-defined, long-term strategy and identity based on a single stated direction. Most importantly, a successful brand is supported within the organization, from top to bottom and inside out. 

At Cubicle Fugitive, we use our thorough yet efficient discovery process to develop your brand positioning so that it aligns with the strategic direction you want your firm or company to grow.

The brand process can be as extensive or straightforward as your firm wants or needs (some markets are more competitive and complex than others). While we may make recommendations on what we think you need and the best ways to uncover your points of difference, we will work at your pace and adhere to your strategy.

Some of the things we may recommend or provide in the brand development process are:

  • Interview key stakeholders (if possible, clients too) to uncover/articulate your competitive advantage
  • Research and analyze your current brand position, reputation in the community and business communications
  • Determine not only what makes you different, but ensure that it is meaningful to clients and a reason to choose your firm or company over a competitor
  • Build your brand internally and ensure all people “live the brand” since with professional services there is little separation between the service and the provider
  • Develop taglines and positioning statements to provide you with a “voice” for your firm that includes a style of writing, key points to make in your communications and copy for all your business communications
  • Based on your positioning strategy, we can provide recommendations for launching and promoting your brand (advertisingPR, internal communications etc.)


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