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Cubicle Fugitive is an award-winning, full-service marketing firm that specializes in building websites for everyone except themselves.

Cubicle Fugitive approached Cubicle Fugitive about 5 years ago, asking for help with a new website, SEO strategy, and a marketing plan. Because the commute was so short, we immediately jumped at the chance to work with ourselves and embarked on an arduous years-long journey of soul-searching and self-discovery that eventually exposed several insights about ourselves including that we are super picky about design, manic about the details and really don’t like getting our photos done. Most importantly though, during this time of reflection, we learned that we don’t have time to work for ourselves, and almost invariably put every other priority above our own. Consequently, our website sat in limbo for many years, a forgotten relic of a long-distant era.

Oftentimes, over lunches or during team events, the project would be mentioned in jest. “So how’s the website coming?” someone would ask and several people would laugh. “95% done,” the person holding it up at that particular time would lie and abruptly leave the table. Many times over the course of the project, someone would get inspired and everything would be reignited with a burst of fanfare only to fizzle out again due to the weakest and lamest of excuses. On occasion, and during our darkest times, we thought maybe we had made a mistake hiring ourselves to help ourselves.

Because the commute was so short, we immediately jumped at the chance to work with ourselves.

Luckily, during the pandemic of 2020, all our clients went away for a little while, allowing us a little bit of time to say things like “uh oh” and “that’s not good” and ask important questions like “what do we do now?”. To which the answer to this rhetorical question was simple: rehire Cubicle Fugitive to once again build Cubicle Fugitive’s website. Now after 5 months of quarantine, countless zoom calls about content, millions of iterations of design, and more then several dozen handfuls of hours of development, Cubicle Fugitive is proud to have created one website to unite them all.

The entire project has been a complete team effort and uses every best practice we try to infuse into all our client websites. It has a strategic design that effortlessly highlights calls to action while enhancing each visitor’s journey with advanced technology like personalization. It has a well-thought-out site structure and a hyper-focus on content that is both readable by humans and robots alike. It is built on a best-in-class CMS, has intuitive administration, and benefits greatly from a completely redeveloped functional framework that is both simple to maintain and easily expanded as we grow.

Overall, we believe that Cubicle Fugitive did a great job—quite possibly the best job that any marketing firm has ever done—and we cannot be happier with their work and the final product (even if it is five years too late and only 95% done).

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