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media planning & buying

“We don’t have a budget for a campaign”.

Sure you do, you just need someone who really understands campaign development (and negotiation) to put together an effective and attainable strategy for you.

Unlike others, we don’t start with the question “what’s your budget?”, but “what do you want to achieve?” From here we give you several recommendations within a few budgets that work for you and you choose the options you’re the most comfortable with. We like to challenge ourselves by coming up with the most effective way to address your needs with the greatest return on your investment.

Unlike most firms who take a percentage fee from your media spend, we do not up-charge for your media (crazy, but isn’t it a conflict of interest to have your media planner up-charge on how much media you buy? Seems like your best interest may not be their top priority), but instead, we charge an hourly rate for our time researching and making recommendations.

We are well-versed in all traditional and online media and can help you:

  • Understand your target market
  • Determine which media will be the most effective in reaching your target market
  • Negotiate costs of media
  • Buy media on your behalf
  • Develop and manage your campaign schedule
  • Develop your creative - ensuring it is all in line with your brand and strategy
  • Obtain all necessary approvals (internal and external)
  • Ensure deadlines are all met

Need help deciding how best to spend your marketing budget?

No problem. With access to Canada’s largest Media Survey, we can cross-reference usage of numerous professional services (e.g. Accountants, Cosmetic Surgeons, Dentists, Doctors, Financial Service Advisors, Insurance Brokers, Lawyers, Opticians, Physiotherapists and other alternative therapy providers, and Real Estate Brokers) with almost any aspect of your target market's life, providing you with insights into their:

  • Demographic breakdowns
  • Media habits including what types of media they consume, how much, when, and specifically which ones
  • Lifestyle, leisure and entertainment habits
  • Retail shopping, purchase habits and spending for hundreds of items, including over 30 categories of packaged goods
  • As well as psychographic information to ensure your materials speak directly to your market

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