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inbound marketing

Inbound what?

Essentially inbound marketing is all about generating content that your clients, and especially potential clients, find useful and want to read. The entire goal is to generate interest around what you do and how you can help them so we can lead them back to your website to convert them from a potential lead to current client.

We can work with you and your firm to:

  • Understand how clients currently use your site now and what information they are looking for online
  • Help ensure your site answers the question "can they help me?"
  • Identify areas you want to concentrate on to grow your business
  • Articulate your competitive advantage
  • Develop useful, relevant and constantly updated content. We can either write it for you or provide you with editorial schedules and alerts to help the internal process run smoothly.
  • Set up platforms to distribute content such as a company blog, social media pages (e.g. corporate LinkedIn page), e-newsletters, microsites and post to other content portals
  • Ensure your content is optimized for your client’s device e.g. mobile, tablet and email
  • Help you understand what’s working and what is not

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