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Blog Part 2

Blogs are having a bit of a comeback these days and rightly so. With Google rewarding sites that provide visitors with fresh, informative and useful content, a blog is a great tool to help ensure your company is found for the services your clients are looking for.

To rank well for specific keywords you need to have content that is related to these key words and the more the merrier. A blog is often a great way to consistently add quality content (provided you have personnel dedicated to writing for it). Websites that are constantly updated rank higher in search engines and, over time—and provided they are maintained—also help establish the writers as experts in their field.

At Cubicle Fugitive we can help you setup your blog as well as provide you with ideas for things to write about, identify key topics/issues your clients are searching for, ensure your content is Google-friendly once written and can even ghostwrite your blog if you wish.

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