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A little insight can go a long way. 

From client surveys and interviews to competitive analyses and custom research and projections, Cubicle Fugitive can help you garner the knowledge you need to stay competitive. Since we do it all in-house, we can actually help translate the research findings into actionable tactics once analyzed.

We work with key stakeholders to assess current strategies and help develop strategic marketing and online communications plans for improving your company’s brand awareness, visibility with key markets, understanding of client needs and ultimately provide you with a realistic plan for growth.

We help determine the best opportunities, both online and off, and develop plans that will not only drive results, but will also draw upon the strengths of the company. Through our research we will provide you with a plan that includes:

  • Overall marketing and communications plan objectives;
  • Well-defined target markets, as well as strategies and recommendations for reaching each target market;
  • Actionable media plan including recommended mediums (e.g. Google Ads, Social Media, events, print, radio, outdoor etc.), proposed executional elements (e.g. specific publication, size of ad, frequency etc.), options for integration within the medium and budget allocations;

We can also:

  • Purchase media time/space for your campaign, on your behalf, and will negotiate rates in the interest of your business;
  • Take the clearly defined goals, points-of-difference and key marketing messages and design any required materials (e.g. ads, outdoor, radio spots, print information pieces, social media, events, online marketing, e-communications, trade/student show booths, RFP templates, PR etc.) that reaffirm your brand image and have a call-to-action to drive new business;
  • Manage the execution and delivery process with external media partners ensuring that all contracts are upheld and that the appropriate people internally have signed off on all pieces prior to going to production;
  • And, implement tracking measures, wherever possible, so you can accurately evaluate the effectiveness of each portion of your campaign.

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