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Conway Litigation

Case Study

Formed by Thomas Conway, Colin Baxter, and David Wilson, Conway Baxter Wilson LLP is a boutique litigation firm located in Ottawa. The firm was formed in 2014 when they split off from Cavanaugh LLP. With a great reputation for complex litigation, the firm has been successfully carving out a niche for taking on high-profile matters with broad-reaching legal implications. The firm’s eclectic mix of personalities and experience has provided them with a unique advantage in being known as the go-to firm for bespoke litigation.

In need of a refreshed brand and website, the firm engaged Cubicle Fugitive to carry out a variety of projects including brand strategy, logo design, content marketing and copywriting, and website design and development.

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The Challenge

Conway formed in 2014 after Thomas Conway, Colin Baxter, and David Wilson left a larger firm. At that time, the firm engaged a local marketing agency to assist with creating a new firm logo and developing a new website. While it served them well for a time, they came to realize the need for a reimagining and realigning of the firms brand values.

With an aging and out-of-date website, alongside a logo that no longer encapsulated who the firm had become, Conway took this opportunity to redefine their brand, and properly distinguish itself from the previous iteration of the firm. In addition to the brand and website projects, there were several internal changes happening at the firm which required a thoughtful and deliberate approach. This included simplifying and modernizing the firm’s branded name from Conway Baxter Wilson llp/srl to Conway, as well as creating a website which accurately reflected the quality of service and expertise of the lawyers as leaders in litigation. On top of this, Conway – unique in that many of their lawyers, as well as clients, are bilingual – required a website with multilingual capabilities that could also easily be maintained by internal staff.

The Engagement

Recognizing the need for an updated brand presence, the firm engaged Cubicle Fugitive to assist in redefining their identity, and to properly distinguish themselves from the previous iteration of the firm. The first step was to take a deep dive into available collateral, marketing materials, and strategies, as well as complete a thorough competitive audit. From there, we engaged the firm’s stakeholders in a series of interviews to find the commonalities of what differentiated the firm from the competition.

After articulating and determining the firm’s brand positioning, the next step was to provide practical ways in which the brand could be translated across the firm’s touchpoints. We presented a final brand strategy report to the client which outlined our findings, recommendations for the brand, as well as a series of strategic firm recommendations regarding website architecture, recruitment, how to live the brand internally, and more.

From there, we worked with the firm to design and develop a website that encapsulated the firm personality. This also included logo design, stationery, copywriting, and photography direction. The refreshed brand speaks to the firm’s nuanced approach to the law, and how they are truly leaders in litigation. The website features pops of purple against the monochromatic pages, with the user’s eyes being led down the homepage by subtle animations. The triangle design used in the logo has also been carried across the website design to create a truly cohesive and unified feel.


The Strategy

Conway hired Cubicle Fugitive to help investigate, articulate and promote a brand position that is meaningful to current and potential clients, partners and employees of the firm. In determining what makes Conway unique, Cubicle Fugitive performed exhaustive research on the firm and its competitors to identify a significant, relevant, distinctive, and sustainable competitive advantage to guide decision-making and actions. Cubicle Fugitive also audited competitors’ websites and consulted best practice industry research to help devise and articulate a brand positioning for the firm.

At its core, the firm is comprised of individuals who are truly passionate about the law, lawyers who have the academic and analytical chops but also the keen ability to pick up on what’s not being said by their clients rather than just what their clients are telling them. The law is a constantly shifting playing field which requires foresight and strategy; the lawyers of Conway are no strangers to this. The ability to reinterpret the law through a creative lens while also understanding the motivations and nuances of all parties involved is a great strength of theirs.

The first step was to establish the foundation for a strong brand and new visual identity that embodies the sharp and decisive litigation counsel and reputation established by the firm’s people.

The logo incorporates a subtle arrow which symbolizes how Conway will show their clients the “way”, with their forward-thinking and dynamic approach to the law, conveying the idea of pushing forward, and being the ones to forge the path. The typeface is Noir Pro. Noir is a sans serif font family with contemporary aesthetics heavily influenced by early 20th century geometric typefaces. While having its geometric structure it carries organic personality with a touch of warmth injected into each form.  The sharp and pronounced angles represent the sharp and precise nature of the lawyers at Conway.

To ensure the bios highlighted each professional, and reflected the refreshed brand identity, we carried out a series of interviews to really understand each lawyer. While sharp and decisive, the firm celebrates the uniqueness of each member of the firm, so it was important to keep that feel throughout the bios. In addition to the professional bios, Cubicle Fugitive also worked closely with the firm to source photographers for new headshots and provided art direction. The next piece was to develop all new website content to highlight the firm’s unique capabilities and strengths.


The Results

Our team of strategists, designers, and developers worked closely with the firm to translate the brand identity across online and offline collateral. The website features strong and direct headlines with minimal photography and copy. The modern design denotes the firm’s bold and sophisticated approach to litigation, which is further emphasized by the use of purple in the updated logo and throughout the website.

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