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KSV Advisory

Case Study

KSV Advisory (henceforth known as KSV) is comprised of a team of experienced restructuring, valuation and litigation support professionals. KSV prides itself on being a boutique firm with large firm capabilities. The firm has experience across North America and is based out of Toronto.  

As Canada’s leading financial advisory, restructuring and valuations boutique, we see each situation as unique. We help businesses and their stakeholders navigate their challenges, identify opportunities and implement practical, bespoke solutions tailored to each assignment. At KSV, we deliver results. 

As Canada’s leading boutique financial advisory, valuations and restructuring firm, KSV Advisory, was looking to grow their firm and practice through strategic marketing efforts including a refreshed brand position, updated website, and increased social media presence. Recognizing that their current website design was aging, KSV consulted with Cubicle Fugitive to provide an audit of recommended design and functionality enhancements. Having recently moved the firm’s site over to the Sitefinity platform with Cubicle Fugitive, KSV now wanted to ensure their visual brand and messaging aptly represented their leading stature. 

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The Challenge

KSV Advisory, and their Managing Directors, have an impeccable reputation in the industry; known as the leading restructuring boutique in Ontario, the firm’s client value proposition was not adequately captured nor articulated throughout their key messaging and website. In addition, the firm was seeking to grow through the addition of complimentary corporate finance and valuations services, and needed to communicate their brand and expansion to the business and legal community. Cubicle Fugitive was hired to help craft their brand positioning messaging, revitalize their visual identity, uncover new business opportunities, and design and develop new digital assets, including a website that aptly profiles their extensive and impressive work. 

To begin the process, the Cubicle Fugitive team gained a better understanding the firm, their clients, the sectors they work in, and the mandates they work upon. We performed extensive firm and competitor research, paying close attention to how other restructuring and advisory firms were defining their advisory services and looking for opportunities to make KSV as much a market leader online as they are in business.  

Following a series of internal, client, and referral interviews it became clear that clients were exceedingly happy with the advice and work completed by KSV. They highlighted that the professionals at KSV are “exceptional in every single respect” and are the go-to firm when “intelligence and creativity” are needed. The firm’s expertise was viewed as “top-notch” and they “stand above the crowd” by “punching considerably above their weight” considering their boutique size.  

“[The people at KSV are] very responsive and incredibly proficient at what they do. They have the same level of expertise as the big four accounting firms, but you don’t have to pay for the bureaucracy...they work really well as a team and service the client really well.” 

KSV’s foundation was solid, however, their brand simply didn’t accurately capture the sophistication of their work and their enterprising, hard-working, and unparalleled approach to restructuring, valuations, and advisory services.  The Cubicle Fugitive team got to work articulating their brand, communicating their highly complex practice areas, and creating marketing materials and platforms that would bring this image to life.  

Our team collaborated with KSV’s Managing Directors to identify strategies and solutions that made sense for their business and brand, supported their growth and expansion, and helped market their business through a new website and digital assets. 

The Engagement

In addition to investigating, articulating and promoting KSV's brand position, Cubicle Fugitive rethought and reimagined the KSV website. We worked with the firm to refine and define the firm’s new service and industry pages, reevaluated how to best represent the firm’s frequently accessed Insolvency Cases, and created an entirely new case studies module that highlighted their significant and sophisticated mandates and matters. Our brand and writing team worked with the KSV Managing Directors to craft new brand messaging, professional profiles, and provide guidance on the firm’s new case studies and expertise content.  

We also are engaged by the firm to develop a social media approach that can be utilized by internal firm members to help KSV connect with their online community of clients and other professionals in an efficient and specialized manner. We started by creating an animated launch post and utilized tools such as Canva to create branded social media templates to promote their news, case studies, opportunities, and articles on LinkedIn. We also created an email template to announce the firm’s new digital presence. 

Following the development of the firm’s collateral and strategy, we then developed an online campaign utilizing legal publications, the KSV website and social media to highlight the brand and client value proposition.  

The Strategy

Through our extensive research, client and referral interviews, and competitive audits we understood that many of the brand attributes the firm was currently referencing were important, but not distinct or unique to the firm. Armed with an entrepreneurial mindset, KSV continues to build an independent, ethical, smart and meticulously creative advisory firm that puts them apart from others in the field.  Our strategy was focused on communicating the premium KSV position and unique client experience in a professional context, through written and visual materials. With a beautifully designed brand already in place, we sought to enhance and elevate the visual positioning through a minimalist look, a refined colour palette, and clear and concise messaging.  

The firm’s team of expert advisors have cultivated a leading and enterprising reputation through their big-picture approach to mandates, ability and desire to take on new and challenging mandates, willingness to try unusual yet highly strategic and insightful ways of achieving success, and capacity to navigate clients through for some of the most complex restructuring and insolvency matters. While equally capable of handling even the more routine restructuring assignments, the firm is the place professionals turn to when hard work and creativity is required to get them out of a difficult situation. To convey the firm’s new positioning, we simply animated their new tagline “Infinite obstacles. Creative solutions.” across the firm’s digital assets. 

“Infinite obstacles. Creative solutions.” 

Whether representing or going up against Goliath, KSV’s advisors have the courage to craft calculated strategies that they rigorously defend based on facts. They do what is best for their clients to maximize recovery without ever overstepping any ethical boundaries. Understanding a client’s ultimate objective, they are not satisfied to approach it only one of two ways, but look at all alternatives to develop a tailored solution. Having seen, done, or been a part of almost every kind of mandate, KSV brings their unrivalled depth and breadth of knowledge to every exchange. They work in concert with one-another to provide shrewd, strategic, insightful, and sophisticated plans. With a desire to capture their unique approach, we recommended allowing their work to stand as a testament to their expertise with the creation of a new case studies module. The firm’s Managing Directors rose the daunting challenge and clearly articulated how they have advised and assisted hundreds of companies, lenders, and financial institutions since they formed. By creating an experience database and working with the firm to draft case studies that would highlight their processes and client relationships, the site was able to accurately represent the exceptional work KSV was known for.  

In addition, our team strategically chose to reimagine the navigation of the insolvency case documents housed on the site, to ensure a user was able to sort through the legal documents with ease. This required the Cubicle Fugitive team to implement unique search function features that differed from typical website navigation, to allow the user to toggle, search and find related documents in an easy manner.  

Looking to grow and expand, we also aided the firm’s recruitment efforts by developing new content that captured the personality of the people at the firm (smart and funny with exceptional integrity) and conveyed a sense of the intellectually challenging, dynamic and financially rewarding work environment.  

The Results

The end result for KSV was a rearticulated position and strategy that could inform their marketing and business decisions as they moved forward their client matters and expanded their practice areas. Their site represents the professional and serious attitude KSV takes with their work, while also encompassing their personality as a firm and involvement in the community. Cubicle Fugitive continues to work with KSV on further marketing efforts and strategic initiatives, and is excited to see the firm grow in the future.  

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