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Fillmore Riley

Case Study

Fillmore Riley LLP is a prestigious Canadian law firm with a strong reputation for delivering exceptional legal services. With a history dating back to 1883, Fillmore Riley has become one of the leading law firms in Manitoba, Canada. The firm is located in Winnipeg and serves clients locally, nationally, and internationally. Fillmore Riley offers expertise in various practice areas, including corporate and commercial law, litigation, real estate, intellectual property, employment law, and tax law. The firm prides itself on its client-centric approach, fostering strong relationships, open communication, and a comprehensive understanding of each client's needs.

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The Challenge

Fillmore Riley recognized the importance of maintaining a modern and professional online presence to effectively showcase its expertise and attract clients in a competitive legal landscape. The firm identified several challenges that needed to be addressed, including an outdated website, inconsistent branding, limited online visibility, and content that did not effectively highlight the firm’s expertise or convey its client-centric approach.

While clean and modern, the firm’s previous brand did not aptly reflect the superior level of services the firm's lawyers provide. Fillmore Riley sought to differentiate itself in the legal industry and develop a strong brand strategy to guide their decision-making and actions. They engaged Cubicle Fugitive to conduct thorough research, identify their unique competitive advantage, and articulate their brand position and client value proposition. Fillmore Riley also requested a gap analysis to understand their current state and define their desired future brand position.

Recognizing the importance of a brand that reflects its exceptional services, Fillmore Riley partnered with Cubicle Fugitive to revitalize their brand image, website, stationery, advertising, and social media platforms. A tailored brand identity was crafted by comprehensively understanding their clients, industries, challenges, and expectations. 

The Engagement

Cubicle Fugitive collaborated with Fillmore Riley LLP, a prestigious Canadian law firm, to address its challenges and enhance its online presence. Through extensive research and analysis, Cubicle Fugitive identified Fillmore Riley's unique qualities and competitive advantages. They developed a brand positioning strategy highlighting the firm's expertise, client-focused approach, and commitment to providing practical solutions. Cubicle Fugitive worked with Fillmore Riley to refine and strengthen their branding and identity with a consistent visual identity system, including a refreshed logo, colour palette, and typography applied across various marketing collateral. This cohesive branding strategy improved brand recognition and reinforced the firm's professional image.

Cubicle Fugitive redesigned Fillmore Riley's website, creating a modern and intuitive design that effectively showcased the firm's practice areas, lawyer profiles, representative matters and insights. They also implemented search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve the website's visibility in search engine results.

The collaboration extended beyond the website redesign, with Cubicle Fugitive creating a range of marketing materials and stationery that reflected Fillmore Riley's premium positioning. Attention to detail and adherence to the brand guidelines ensured consistency and a high-end aesthetic across all materials.

The Strategy:

Cubicle Fugitive employed a comprehensive research approach to identifying Fillmore Riley's unique qualities and competitive advantages. This involved analyzing the firm's past brand strategies, reviewing external communications, and conducting interviews with key stakeholders and clients. The research provided valuable insights that shaped Fillmore Riley's brand positioning and value proposition.

Focusing on enhancing Fillmore Riley's brand visuals and messaging, Cubicle Fugitive refreshed the firm's logo and developed a sophisticated colour palette. The existing logo was transformed into a neutral palette with black, aligning it with the firm's high-end services. Additional sub-brand logos were created for specific initiatives.

Cubicle Fugitive also collaborated with Fillmore Riley on a website redesign. Extensive research and analysis informed the development of a modern and elegant website that showcased the firm's professionalism, expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional legal services. The website featured clean lines, a modern layout, and a refined colour palette, creating an engaging user experience. Animated elements were incorporated to add a dynamic touch. Content creation was a crucial part of the engagement. Cubicle Fugitive provided all firm and branded content, as well as recommendations and guidelines to empower Fillmore Riley in creating impactful and SEO-optimized content for their website. The content showcased the firm's capabilities, talented professionals, and client-focused approach.

As part of Fillmore Riley's goal to expand its reputation nationally, Cubicle Fugitive developed an advertising campaign that aligned with the firm's brand identity and highlighted its community-centric approach. The campaign included brand ads for a national presence, sponsorship ads to showcase community involvement, and individual lawyer ads. The campaign's design elements, compelling headlines, and powerful messaging effectively conveyed Fillmore Riley's premium brand image and commitment to clients and the community. Cubicle Fugitive also created Canva templates that aligned with Fillmore Riley's visual identity to extend the newly developed brand strategy to social media platforms. These templates ensured consistent brand messaging across various social media platforms.

The Results

Through the collaborative efforts of Fillmore Riley and Cubicle Fugitive, the engagement yielded remarkable results, significantly enhancing Fillmore Riley's market presence and positioning within the legal industry. The comprehensive brand refresh, website redesign, content creation, and strategic advertising campaign collectively produced outstanding outcomes.

Fillmore Riley experienced increased website traffic and engagement due to the dynamic and SEO-optimized website, showcasing an enhanced online presence. The brand refresh improved brand recall and positively influenced the perception of clients and prospects. Strategic SEO efforts also boosted visibility in search engine results, increasing Fillmore Riley's discoverability.

Cubicle Fugitive's work strengthened Fillmore Riley's market position, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the legal industry. The cohesive brand messaging, visually captivating materials, and strategic advertising campaign positioned Fillmore Riley as a distinguished law firm, attracting new clients, referrals, and potential employees.

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